SWAN LAKE uses an online membership management system called Member Splash. We ask that when you first log into the new system you please take a moment to verify all of your account information and make any corrections needed. If you have any questions or need assistance with any changes please contact us at membership@swanlakeswimclub.org.

To log into your new account please complete the following steps:

1. Go to https://swanlake.membersplash.com/.

2. Enter your username.

3. Enter the default password. If you do not know the default password, please email membership@swanlakeswimclub.org.

4. Update your Emergency Contact Information with a name and phone number.

5. Add additional family members by clicking the "+" next to the "Members" column.  Please be sure to enter all of the members of your family, along with their birth date and email. This will streamline the check in process during your first visit.

6. Next, you can pay your membership dues. Click on "Make a Payment" in the top right corner. Click the check boxes for the membership plans you wish to renew for. Select any additional Guest passes that you wish to purchase at this time. Choose your payment method and click "Next."
*** REMINDER: Swan Lake Membership dues is due by March 31, 2019. There is an Early Bird discount applied if you renew before February 28, 2019. You will be charged a late fee per month after March 31, 2019 until balance is paid in full.  All memberships will be terminated if any dues remains unpaid after May 31, 2019. See website for full fee schedule ***.

7. Our new check-in system uses head shots to verify member identities. Members are encouraged to upload their own pictures or they may have them taken at the front desk. To upload your own picture simply click Edit next to the name of the member, then click on the Upload Picture button or simply drag the picture onto it. Please make sure that the picture is only of that particular member and is a head shot. You can crop images after uploading but they need to be properly oriented before uploading.

If you have any technical questions with the website please use the support form on the site or email support@membersplash.com. If emailing be sure to include the name of the club and your full name. For questions regarding your membership, payment status, club policies, team participation, etc. please contact membership@swanlakeswimclub.org.

Member Splash Website