Swan Lake Covid Safety FAQ's (Updated 6/10/2021)

Will Swan Lake observe capacity requirements?

To start our season, the Board will follow the 50% of capacity requirement (460 individuals), at any one time, for Memorial Day Weekend. The Board will reassess to determine if Swan Lake will continue with the 50% capacity requirements as restrictions are removed for Baltimore City. The 2019 daily Swan Lake data shows that Memorial Day Weekend is the only period that Swan Lake breaches 460 individuals to over 700 individuals but that data point is for the WHOLE day and not at any one time. Although the Board does not believe Swan Lake will breach the 50% capacity at a given point, we will have a Front Desk employee keeping count by clicking in and out for the Memorial Day Weekend to maintain the 50% capacity requirement.

How is Swan Lake handling Swan Lake’s and personal chairs? 

Swan Lake chairs will be out for members to use. This year, the Swan Lake chairs could be moved into groups by moving the chairs back into the grass to maintain a comfortable distance between members. Although expert guidance states that the sun and being outdoors substantially reduces danger, members may bring their own wipes or sanitizers if they choose. 

Personal chairs may be brought in and out with members until the Board can reassess the situation in the June Board meeting. Members could ask the Lifeguard or Front Desk employee—who are not assigned to keep count for capacity—for help bringing chairs, and belongings into the pool from drop off point near the front entrance.  Leaving personal chairs at the pool takes up valuable space we need for Swan Lake chairs. 

Are masks or face coverings required?

Masks or face coverings are required, for those over 5 years old, in the bathrooms and waiting on the Snack Bar. There will be footprints in front of the bathrooms and Snack Bar to provide guidance where masks or face coverings are required. In other areas of the pool and grounds, masks will not be required.

How will the Snack Bar function?

The Snack Bar will function with friendly caution. First, beginning this year, the Snack Bar accepts cash or credit. The Snack Bar will be served by mostly 14 year-olds and the majority of the food will be packaged. There will be no hotdogs but there might be pizzas that require warming. Unlike other years, the microwave will be inside the Snack Bar and the young employees will handle the microwave to limit exposure. Regardless, parents are asked to be responsible for young children forming a line and handling or getting the food, especially because of the face covering requirement. 


SHOWERS OPEN! Showers are open for use in the Men’s and Women’s Room. Mask policy remains otherwise unchanged. Please use masks for bathrooms and changing rooms unless one is taking a shower.  Respectfully, please exercise responsibility.


The Board is discontinuing the daily COVID Questionnaire. Instead, members and guests are responsible for their own and their families safety. COVID questions will posted for members’ convenience. Lifeguards will still take names of each Swan Lake member and the names of each individual in their party to match with Member Splash. 

Are there free swim lessons?

Swan Lake, via Swim Team, will not offer free swim lessons this year due to the pandemic and strict COVID rules for the operation of the Swim Team. Swim team will have 3 virtual meets. 

Are guests allowed?

LARGER GUESTS PARTIES ALLOWED! For parties of more than 5 guests (large parties) members must apply for management approval at least one week in advance. Parties can have no more than 20 guests, and a maximum of two large parties will be permitted at the pool per day. The approval of large parties is at the sole discretion of pool management. 

We love the Swan Lake Cookouts.  Will we have any this summer?

JULY 4th COOKOUT: The Board approved the July 4th Cookout! No Large guest parties are allowed for the July 4th Cookout but 5 guests maximum is allowed. Please stay tuned!


The Board researched many different platforms that provide the same or similar service to Rained Out.  Texts via Rained Out were free but now, Rained Out and similar platforms are prohibitively expensive for our pool. Recently, the Board learned that Rained Out sent most our members an email or text informing them about the unlimited membership for $7.30 a year to receive text notifications but email notifications are free.  The Board recommends the unlimited Rained Out membership for your convenience or opt for free email notifications. The link is Rained Out  If members have any trouble with the link, please contact membership@swanlakeswimclub.org


Baltimore City Current Covid Guidelines

CDC Recommendations