Info and Forms

Pool Rules

Interested in what the pool rules are at Swan Lake? View or download a copy of them by clicking the link below!


Interested in what the pool bylaws are at Swan Lake Swim Club? View or download a copy of them by clicking the link below!


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Parties at Swan Lake

Interested in hosting a party at Swan Lake? Complete our online event registration form and get your party scheduled today! The following terms and conditions apply to parties at Swan Lake:

  • Application required for more than 5 guests
  • Request must be submitted at least one week in advance
  • Parties limited to 20 guests per member
  • Only 2 parties are permitted per day
  • Only guests whose name were submitted to management are allowed on the pool grounds
  • The standard guest rate applies to parties
  • You will only be charged for the guests physically present on the grounds
  • Members must remain with their guests at all times
  • Approval of parties is at the sole discretion of the pool management team

Guest Fees


Books of 5 guest passes will be available for $25. Tickets may be used by children or adults any day (except for Special Events). Please remember: Guests must be accompanied by a Swan Lake Swim Club member over the age of 14. Directions for how to purchase guest passes through a membersplash account are below:

Directions are oriented for PC purchases, not mobile devices