Join Swan Lake

Thank you for your interest in Swan Lake Swim Club! Swan Lake Swim Club is a member owned, non-profit swim club that is operated by a volunteer board of Trustees and experienced local pool management.

Swan Lake has two types of membership: Full Share and Associate. The number of active memberships of each type is limited by our by-laws. Currently, we only have Associate memberships available. If you are interested in an Associate membership, you can contact us at, and we will let you know if any Associate memberships are still available.

Full share membership involves ownership in the swim club. The initial cost includes a one-time registration fee ($50.00), the cost of a share of stock ($250.00), plus the annual dues ($500.00). IN subsequent years, as a Full Share member, you would pay only the annual dues. Full Share memberships are automatically renewed each year until you notify the membership committee of your resignation before April 1st. The stock cost is refundable when you withdraw from the pool once your share has been sold to a new member by the Board of Trustees and the new member’s payment has been received.

Associate members are non-shareholding users of the pool with limited privileges. The initial cost includes a one time registration fee ($50.00) plus annual dues ($580.00) for 2 adults. Additional household members can be added for an additional fee ($50.00 per dependent).

Single memberships are available at two-thirds of the annual dues.

Family includes only those members of the household who reside permanently with the head(s) of household. You may add additional people to your membership only if they are residing with your family for the summer or he/she provides child care (e.g., babysitter) at a cost of $100 per person for the summer season. Please understand that we may request documentation to show that claimed household or family members reside with the head(s) of household.

Full Share FamilyFull Share SingleAssociate FamilyAssociate Single
Dues$500$335$580 (2 people)$385
Share of Stock$250$250N/AN/A
Application Fee$50$50$50$50
Additional Household MemberN/AN/A$50/per personN/A
Houseguest/Babysitter$100N/A$100/per personN/A